Eagle 188 Gouging bundle
Eagle 188 Gouging Box top
Eagle 188 Gouging Box Side
Eagle 188 Gouging Box Side
Eagle 188 Gouging Applications, Procedure, General Characteristics
Eagle 188 Gouging bundle
Eagle 188 Gouging Box top
Eagle 188 Gouging Box Side
Eagle 188 Gouging Box Side
Eagle 188 Airless Gouging Rod Demo Youtube Video
Eagle 188 Gouging Applications, Procedure, General Characteristics

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Diameter 3/32"
Size 1 LB Tube

Have you ever witnessed the usage of an airless gouging rod? It only needs a stinger and a power supply that can generate 220 amps. Ideal when air or oxygen isn't available.

Eagle 188 is a superior gouging rod that can gouge a crack or a weld in cast iron, stainless steel, or low to high alloy carbon steel. without air supply. The 188 electrode's high alloy coats the groove with a high nickel blend, allowing your filler rod and the base material to blend together more effectively, so there is no need to grind out the carbon residue left behind by a traditional gouging carbon. 

Given that the coating is neither low hydrogen or requires no oven time, every mobile rig in the nation needs a box of this in their toolkit.

When it's time to gouge out a weld, all you have to do is place an 188 gouging rod in your electrode holder and bend it upward rather than downward (like a conventional electrode). With a 1/8" rod and 200 amps of power, you can gouge out a crack that is 1/8" deep with each pass.

Although radically different from a welding electrode or normal gouge carbon, this gouging method may be mastered in just a few rods!  Strike your arc, place the rod almost flat against the base material, and gouge off the necessary material using a "sawing" motion. It can 'blow out' a lifting or tie-down eye or even a stuck track pin. 

For removing old welds and cracks, our 188 works excellent. DC - polarity for a 1/8" rod set welder operating at 200 amps. As you saw back and forth, maintain the rod's tip on the metal by laying the rod flat at a 10-degree angle. Since there is no carbon buildup, your u-shaped hole may easily be filled with the necessary welding rod or alloy. 188 can cut mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

For cutting and gouging on cast iron, steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.

Use DC Straight [–] Polarity. Point the electrode in the direction of travel. Hold the electrode at a slight angle (10° - 20°). Strike the arc and push the electrode in a short sawing motion for the most efficient removal of metal. Limit each groove to ½ the diameter of the electrode.

The EAGLE 188 is a high quality gouging electrode that has the ability to operate on all types of welding machines with sufficient capacity. The special coating eliminates the need for compressed air or oxygen. The depth and groove size is easily controlled. The cut is smooth and the slag is easily removed. This electrode can be used effectively in all positions.

Tip Colour: Black

Tensile Strength: Approx. 120,000 psi 

Current: AC or DC Straight [–] Polarity
Sizes: Inches 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16
mm 2.50, 3.25, 4.00, 5.00
Amperage: 125 - 150, 200 - 250, 300 - 350, 350 - 450


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Eagle 188 Gouging bundle
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