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All Position Tool Steel Hardfacing

This versatile electrode was developed for hardfacing on dies, punches & especially shears.

Use AC or DC Reverse [+] Polarity. Use the grinding method or remove fatigued metal using the EAGLE 188. Use lowest effective amperage while maintaining a medium arc length making either stringer beads to reduce heat input. On low carbon steels it may be necessary to use a minimum of three layers to overcome dilution. When welding on tool steel, preheat the part to 1000 °F

The EAGLE SHEARBUILD 45 is a high quality alloy for use on high speed and hot working steels. This electrode has a very smooth arc transfer and excels in all positions.

Current: AC or DC Reverse [+] Polarity
Hardness: (RC) As Welded Approx. 45

Sizes: Inches 3/32 1/18 5/32
mm 2.50 3.25 4.00
Amperage: 45 - 90 90 - 125 130 - 180


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