Eagle 190
Eagle 190
Eagle 190
Eagle 190

Eagle 190

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Diameter 3/32"
Size 1 LB Tube

Versatile Electrode Used To Build-Up And Join Cast Iron

This electrode can be used to weld and build-up on gray, ductile, and nodular cast iron. Excellent for build-up or joining on repairs to engine blocks, gear housings, sprockets, transmission housings, gear teeth and machine bases. Deposits are fully machinable.

Use AC or DC Reverse [+] Polarity. Prepare and clean the weld area. Groove out cracks using the EAGLE 188. Use lowest effective amperage while maintaining a short to medium arc length. Short weld deposits are recommended (1” – 1ó”) using the skip weld method to reduce heat input. Peening while hot will help to reduce stresses. Allow casting to cool slowly.

The EAGLE 190 is a high strength electrode that has a special non-conductive coating.

Tip Colour: Blue

Hardness: BH Approx. 200

Current: AC or DC Reverse [+] Polarity
Sizes: Inches 3/32, 1/8, 5/32
mm 2.50, 3.25, 4.00
Current: 35 - 70, 70 - 110, 120 - 130


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