Cutting and gouging grooves in cast iron, steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.

Have you ever witnessed the usage of an airless gouging rod? It only needs a stinger and a power supply that can generate 220 amps. Ideal when air or oxygen isn't available.

Eagle 188 is a superior gouging rod that can gouge a crack or a weld in cast iron, stainless steel, or low to high alloy carbon steel. without air supply. The 188 electrode's high alloy coats the groove with a high nickel blend, allowing your filler rod and the base material to blend together more effectively, so there is no need to grind out the carbon residue left behind by a traditional gouging carbon. 

Given that the coating is neither low hydrogen or requires no oven time, every mobile rig in the nation needs a box of this in their toolkit.

When it's time to gouge out a weld, all you have to do is place an 188 gouging rod in your electrode holder and bend it upward rather than downward (like a conventional electrode). With a 1/8" rod and 200 amps of power, you can gouge out a crack that is 1/8" deep with each pass.

Although radically different from a welding electrode or normal gouge carbon, this gouging method may be mastered in just a few rods!  Strike your arc, place the rod almost flat against the base material, and gouge off the necessary material using a "sawing" motion. It can 'blow out' a lifting or tie-down eye or even a stuck track pin. 

For removing old welds and cracks, our 188 works excellent. DC - polarity for a 1/8" rod set welder operating at 200 amps. As you saw back and forth, maintain the rod's tip on the metal by laying the rod flat at a 10-degree angle. Since there is no carbon buildup, your u-shaped hole may easily be filled with the necessary welding rod or alloy. 188 can cut mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.